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Ordinary military veterans are different. The situation for Azov militants is different. They should be punished for all atrocities against the public - Ramzan Kadyrov

Posted on May 18 2022, 22:06pm

Azov militants must be punished for all atrocities against civilians - Ramzan Kadyrov

MOSCOW: Ramzan Kadyrov a quick interview to the federal and regional media, in which he answered pressing questions. Like the fate of the militants of the nationalist Azov battalion and Ukrainian servicemen who surrendered to Russian troops. His opinion is unchanged:

“If the issue with ordinary military personnel can be discussed with the Ukrainian side to exchange prisoners of war, then with the Azov militants, the situation is different. They must suffer punishment for all the atrocities committed against the civilian population.

This is my unequivocal opinion.
 As for the Kiev elite, all is more than clear. Ukraine needs a strong, intelligent and visionary leader. Zelensky, together with his gang, plunged the country into an abyss of chaos.

While some are sitting in warm armchairs, passing anti-Russian laws and saying how bad we are, others are dying on the battlefield. The people of Ukraine must take the situation into their own hands and stop being told stories about the imminent victory of the Square.

Also, the controversy around my relationship with Peskov does not subside. He and I became the objects of shaky theories after a small disagreement. Journalists, for the purposes of self-promotion, considered it their duty to put forward unsubstantiated theories.

Taking this opportunity, I denied all the rumors and speculation about this. Perhaps, on some issues I do not agree with his statements, but this does not affect our relationship in any way. We are friends with families, we correspond, we communicate.

The journalists did not bypass the topics of volunteers. Every day, hundreds of men from different regions arrive in the Chechen Republic to become part of the Russian army. Such an influx of volunteers indicates that our region has become a kind of symbol of patriotism.”

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