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Afghan community stages protest against Taliban in Rome

Posted on January 25 2022, 09:05am

Afghan community stages protest against Taliban in Rome

ROME: Afghan community in Italy organized a demonstration at Piazza Dei Santi Apostoli in Rome on Sunday against the Taliban and Pakistan and demanded that a democratically elected government is established in their country.

Banners criticizing and 'Sanction Pakistan' were shown by the protesters. The protesters also criticized Pakistan and China for organizing the visit of the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs to Oslo, Norway to meet representatives of the European Union.

The Afghan community in Italy also demanded unfreezing of money lying in the US.

Furthermore, during the protest, the participants raised slogans against USA and Pakistan. The protestors also shouted slogans against border fencing between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The protest was led by the community's President Kaihan Mashirqwal. Nearly 30-35 people participated in the protest which included 4-5 women participants.

Four prominent speakers of the Afghan community in Italy including one women speaker criticized the involvement of Pakistan in internal matters of Afghanistan.

The protests highlighted recent tensions at the Durand Line and the incident of firing between the Afghan and Pakistan forces.

The incident of the burning of musical instruments of an Afghan musician by the Taliban officials was also rebuked by the protestors.

It further raised the issue of Interference and control of ISI over Taliban officials while running a so-called independent nation.

Afghan community stages protest against Taliban in Rome
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