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Karoline Bjornelykke: Slim model wore 'fat suit' to book jobs as 'plus size model'

Posted on December 31 2021, 15:46pm

Karoline Bjornelykke: Slim model wore 'fat suit' to book jobs as 'plus size model'

NEW YORK: In a shocking revelation, a slender model said she wears a "fat suit" to look plus size for clothing brands that want big women whose "neck and the face look really slim and sharp"  Karoline Bjornelykke has reportedly spilled the beans through her TikTok account named @coolquinn.

In her video, she first shows off her slim body in a mirror selfie before explaining why she is considered a "plus-size" model.

Her modeling bio mentions that Bjornelykke wears size 38/40, which is 6/8 in the US. But still, she has been hired by brands that sell clothes in sizes between XL to 5XL. In the social media video, she said: "If you have eyes, you can see I'm not that size. So how do we fix this problem? Well, I have to bring something called padding to work, which basically is a fat suit in pieces."

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In the same video, she went on to show how she uses the fat suit with strategic padding on her body to look "a lot bigger". "So if the clothes look really good from the front, it probably looks like s**t from the back. It's because they want the neck and the face to look really slim and sharp, which doesn't just create unrealistic standards but impossible ones. My suggestion is just use real plus-sized women because there are so many gorgeous plus-sized women out there," Bjornelykke added.

The model's video has reportedly been viewed over 379,000 times and also attracted lots of comments. A user commented, "This explains the midsections that never make sense." Another one shared, "This is why I'm so self-conscious about my face shape." "The [modeling] industry really [hates] plus-sized models," the third user added. Model Kalison Nix also reportedly commented below the video and wrote: "Fellow sized 10 'plus-size' model here - so ridiculous. I have the exact same padding set."

There were some people who slammed the Norwegian beauty for contributing to the ill-practice. "Don't take the jobs if you think it's ethically wrong. You're contributing to the issue by taking the job," a person said. The second one noted: "But you're. taking the jobs? And further contributing to the problem?"

Bjornelykke then defended herself and wrote in the comment section: "I did a couple of these many years ago when I just got signed with an agency in NY and had a contract obligation, but I refuse to do them now because I think it's ethically wrong and I don't desperately need the money," before adding: "But I don't think it's right to blame the models. If one model refuses the job another one just like her will take it. There is no way all models will collectively refuse these jobs. The real power is with the consumers." She also stated that the motive behind her making the video was "consumers can make better choices".

Bjornelykke told DailyMail.com: "I made the video so that plus-size women don't feel as bad for not looking like the plus-size models [in ads] and to help them make better choices since the consumers hold a lot of the power to change this."

Karoline Bjornelykke: Slim model wore 'fat suit' to book jobs as 'plus size model'
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