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Indian Army to have new combat uniform

Posted on December 1 2021, 15:31pm

Indian Army to have new combat uniform

New Delhi: Aiming to provide more comfort and sustainability, the Indian Army has changed its combat uniform for its personnel that will be get to see on Army Day Parade on January 15.

For the first time in the history, the Army Day parade will witness the uniform and weapons of different era.

It will be even of pre-independence times.

Similarly, the troops will march with same uniforms during Republic Day parade this year.

The new uniform will be of digital pattern like the troops of the US Army use. As per an official, the camouflage of the changed uniform is better than its previous one.

Now, the soldiers will not have to tuck-in the dress. In the new uniform, the belt will be under the dress.

The official said that it has been designed to keep comfort level in the mind. Some changes in clothes have also been made.

So far the Army contingents at the Army Day parade and Republic Day were marching in dresses as per the different Regiments. For the first time, the contingents will be marching with uniforms and weapons of different era.

The official further added that the contingents will be in uniforms and weapons of 1962, 1971, 1990 and new uniforms that has been now approved.

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